Atelier 99

We are a result-oriented studio. We design big buildings, but we keep our feet on the ground.

Get to know us

Creating a viable architecture

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Full service

We provide everything from the architectural study to the implementation.
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A united team 

There are over 40 of us and we have 264+ projects under our belt since 2013.
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We believe in architecture without artistic spasm, with an emphasis on the result.
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Project strong

Even a billion-dollar project will be a success — on time and on budget.

The flag is held by

Headed by

Martin Jeřábek

Managing Director, Director

He drives the studio forward, gives it direction, charges it with philosophy. He has refined taste and attention to detail. For him, aesthetics is not just an empty phrase; he always confronts it with functionality. He creates concepts of living architecture, which he brings to perfection thanks to his precision.