Commitment of the top management of PFM-GROUP, presented as the Quality, Environmental and Occupational Safety Management System Policy. 


The policy is binding on all PFM-GROUP staff and relevant stakeholders. 


For our companies and activities

  • PFM — service s.r.o.
    • maintenance and comprehensive care of own and external properties (listed as contracts)
    • administrative activities for all PFM Group companies
  • PFM — Greenvia s.r.o.
    • Design, implementation and maintenance of landscaping
    • Design, implementation, maintenance and rental of interior greenery
  • Atelier 99 s.r.o.
    • design services for own objects and external customers (listed as orders)
  • RENFIELD s.r.o.
    • project management for own objects and external customers (managed as orders)

Vision and policy to ensure product and service quality, environmental protection and occupational safety

  • VISION: We can see beyond our own pockets. We are creating a space in which each of us can afford to make the world a better place to live.
  • We are a healthy and strong group of mid-size firms that provide a wide range of real estate services.
  • Despite our breadth and professionalism, we maintain a home-like environment for our employees and partners and a personal touch for our clients.
  • Our scope extends to other social and societal areas of human life and we feel responsible for them.
  • Together, we form a unit where we enjoy doing what we do.
  • Sustainable profitable growth
    • We are growing steadily, year by year. It is our existential necessity. It’s the only thing that keeps our company alive.
    • We are developing sustainably — in all aspects: from economic to environmental. We are sensitive to and respectful of all periods through which the company’s economy is going through.
  • People and organisations
    • We see our employees as the company’s greatest asset. We treat each other with respect and dignity and adhere to a moral code.
    • We work on employee development: training is a priority for us. 
    • To enable smooth career growth and strengthen the stability of the company, we have a representative and a successor for each of the key positions.
  • Culture and values
    • Our corporate culture is determined by our behaviour — across the whole company. We cultivate respect for each other and we are mindful of good manners. 
    • We also translate culture and values into our goals, processes or datathat we measure and evaluate.
  • Market orientation
    • We monitor market behaviour and preferences — both in the Czech Republic and abroad. We are among the first to react to change (First-mover).

– Client focus

  • We care about client satisfaction . We cultivate good relationships, which we see as the basis of natural loyalty. Step by step, we are building a space for long-term cooperation.
  • Speed of deployment
    • We try to implement all changes quickly and flexibly. This builds our economic strength and our lead over our competitors.
  • Moving forward
    • We put emphasis on development. We constantly strive to improve to ensure continuous development at every point in time

Moral Code

  • We respect each other. Everybody, everywhere.
  • We see higher status as more responsibility, not more privilege.
  • We’re telling the truth.
  • Our word carries weight. What we promise, we keep.
  • We don’t steal.
  • We’re not cheating.
  • We pay taxes and levies.
  • We do not give or accept bribes.
  • We do not accept any consideration at the expense of the company or clients.
  • We seek win-win solutions with our partners.
  • We pay on the agreed due date.