PFM service

We are the guardians of real estate, looking for ways to maximize its value.

Get to know us

We ensure operation and design optimization 

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Facility management

We ensure safe and economically advantageous operation of any facility in the Czech Republic.
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Turnkey services

We take care of everything from replacing a broken light bulb to energy management. 
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Adjustments and optimizations 

We carry out partial building modifications and use auditing to optimise the operation of the building.
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Values and quality

We keep our family character, openness in communication and willingness to find a solution in every situation.

The flag is held by

Headed by

Pavel Prokš

Managing Director, Director

A practitioner and heartthrob with a penchant for technology, able to anticipate several steps ahead. Where others see a problem, he looks for a context from which he can draw clear conclusions.