About us

We are a group of strong personalities who have found meaning in synergy and cooperation. Together, we create a world where real estate brings long-term benefits.


thousand m² of space that we manage
people across all disciplines
billion. crowns in assets
million annual turnover
portfolio companies

We’ll show you

Real estate in a broader perspective

We offer lease of our own commercial premises, we can arrange construction of new ones – from designing to developing to building management including green space.

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In the background stands

Great personalities

Josef Pirochta

Member of the Board of Directors

He gives life to projects and leads them to success thanks to his sophistication. His strength is in communication and understanding the essence.

Martin Jeřábek

Member of the Board of Directors

An ambassador of aesthetics, a lover of design and a tenacious fighter who defends man’s innate need to surround himself with beauty and harmony.

Hugh James Kelly

Member of the Board of Directors

It brings new perspectives and inspiration from abroad. For us, he is an example of a gentlemanly approach in business.

Petr Prokš

Chairman of the Board of Directors

A visionary and philanthropist who sees business as an opportunity to strengthen humanity and social responsibility.

Our project

smart business park

We support the good

We don’t have to,
but we’re doing it.
We call it a mission.